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What Do You Listen To?

What gets you going??? I need to listen to music when I workout. When I follow a workout program for the first time I do without music to follow what they say and their tips. It bores the hell out of me. Keep checking the time and fidgety! Now I watch the program first without doing it just watch and make my mental notes. Then when I’m ready I put my music on LOUD and sweat it out!

My favorite artist to listen to while doing cardio is Bruno Mars. There is something about the way this man sings and his energy in his music that just gets my body moving……lights me up! Energetic and smooth!

My favorite artist to listen to while doing weights is Rihanna. I totally love her music. I think she’s just straight up badass. Powerful in her music and in her career . Smart woman! She has her hands in everything making that money. No fear! Gets what she wants and works hard for it. That’s my opinion so no negative comments. Peoples personal lives are none of anyone’s business.

But I do switch it up. I have amazon prime music so I’ll put on Bruno Mars station or Rihanna so they play other artist like them. And yes some days you just have to go old school. I’ll throw on 80-90’s Hip Hop or 80-90’s Pop. But for like intense heavy weights I’ll throw on 80’s metal. Intense cardio I’ll throw on freestyle. All depends on my mood.

Music gets me through my workouts. If you don’t make it fun you just get bored and just stop all together cause you dread doing it. Make it fun and burn those calories baby!!


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