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Gets You Thinking


37/365 – So yes I am still reading this book! Yes, I know it seems like forever! Let me tell ya this book really gets you thinking and like wakes you up! Yes, I am a true believer that everyone on this planet is born with a gift and it’s up to each one of us to find out what that gift is. Now, looking back on my life (me being 47 now) I have had many miss opportunities. You know growing up and coming into adulthood we all blame our parents for our downfalls in life. ( and you’re a liar if you are saying you never once blamed your parents) I can honestly say and not lying I have blamed a lot on my parents. Which I now look at differently ( not that they are 100% innocent cause they’re not) Growing up I has thick headed and didn’t like to be told anything. I was a kid filled with a lot of anger ( most of it I had right to be) I like have good times, living without a care in the world, love my friends and I was a hard worker, etc. ( on can go on and on telling you how awesome I am lol) I have a lot of downfalls or should I say regrets. I should’ve paid more attention in school I should’ve chased my dreams. My true passion till this day is cooking. I have always wanted to be in the cooking industry with my own restaurant. Cooking is my happy place , my stress reliever! But never followed my dream , my heart! Instead I choose to live a life of working hard and nothing to show for it. I’ve always blamed my parents for not pushing us or even asking us what our goals in life are or what we wanna be when we grow up. Or even pointing us in the right direction……guidance….SOMETHING!!!! But there is only so far you can blame your parents for things in your life because your an adult there is a time you have to grow up and take full responsibility for where you are in your life. I live the life I live cause I hated school life, loved getting a paycheck every week, buying my own shit, partying with my friends, living in the moment not living for the future. But here I am now knowing that all that shit and I guess in the moment gets ya know where in life. Not chasing my dreams was my own fault no one else’s.

What I’m trying to say. Yes , this dream will always be the dream that got away. Stop blaming others! Stop with the excuses! You are never to old to chase your dreams and create the life you always dreamed of! I for one am tired of living just to exist! I want to go out leaving a mark, making a difference, leaving a remembrance of who I was and who I became. This is now my HUGE goal to achieve this. If I’m stepping out of my comfort zone I need to step out fully in every aspect in my life not to pick and choose when to step out. If I fail well then I would have learned something from it. Dont dilly dally in your failures pick your head up take a deep breath and say ok onto the next one. Never give up! And it’s true you’re never to old to chase those dreams to make them a reality. Throw away all the negativity and change the way your mind thinks. Chase those dreams!!

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