My Workout

Getting it done 💪

@liift4 Week 2 Back/Biceps- 50/50 – I look like a hot mess and I don’t care cause I’m doing what I love!!! Watching this video I’m loving how my once snug 2x shirt is actually got wiggle room in it also my new bras I got for Christmas are getting looser, plus my pants use to be tight on my legs and calves. All these non-scale victories!!! The number may not be going down on the scale but I’ve lost inches and gained a whole lotta muscle which is totally fine with me!!! Eventually the weight will start to follow but as they say slow and steady wins the race…. I feel fkn amazing!!!!! From the first day I pushed play to today so much has changed and each day I get more and more excited about the days ahead !!! This shit is real!!! When you commit to yourself amazing things happen all around!!! Keep at it!!! Be fkn strong cause you really don’t know who you are inspiring!!! This is what it’s all about loving yourself and helping others to find the same happiness!! Never give up!!! Feel the high !! #goshorty2020 #whateverittakes #nevergiveup #teambeachbody #myhappyplace #cantstopwontstop #determination #motivation #inspiration #bestrong #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #weightloss #journey #makeithappen #positivevibes #workout #workhard #girlswholift #muscle #badass @joelfreemanfitness @breannefreeman @beachbody #goals #live #loveyourself #believeinyourself

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