The Real Me

What I only let you see on my blog and Instagram

This morning I was having my coffee & my shake. My mind started roaming. I talk about fear and confidence and letting go to ultimately live your best life. Here I am still hiding behind the one thing that held me back my whole life …. being born with a birth defect. I have written that I have congenital rickets but never explained what it is just told y’all to go look it up. In all my videos you really don’t see who I really am cause I truly don’t let y’all in because I still allow it to control that part of my life. The first pic that’s how y’all see me y’all don’t know much beyond that. But I want to be more open and step totally out of my comfort zone and stop holding back! Maybe my story can help others who hide too! I was born with Congenital Rickets What are the symptoms of rickets?

pain or tenderness in the bones of the arms, legs, pelvis, or spine

stunted growth and short stature

bone fractures

muscle cramps

teeth deformities, such as:

delayed tooth formation

holes in the enamel


defects in the tooth structure

an increased number of cavities

skeletal deformities, including:

an oddly shaped skull

bowlegs, or legs that bow out

bumps in the ribcage

a protruding breastbone

a curved spine

pelvic deformities

So all this explains why I can’t do workouts the way in the programs are done that I have to modify the modifier. This explains why I can’t do @transform_20 but I am working on making it work for me. I will not give up! I am working on being more open in videos. I will not stop doing @beachbody because I love my coach and my team they push me to keep going. I love the Super Trainers how they talk and make me feel…. the community is inspiring and make me feel normal. I don’t promote because if I can’t do it how can I help others to do but I am working on it. So now I’m hoping y’all understand a lil more and why I can’t do certain exercises. Trust me what I feel it after every workout I do and I deal with it. It makes me feel alive and very grateful for the things I can do. So next few weeks I will be working on coming out more and be more real. Thanks #goshorty2020 #whateverittakes #nevergiveup #teambeachbody

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