Good Morning


44/365 – Make it happen!!! Throw away all your excuses! Get up and follow your dreams! Make it happen!!!! Stop letting the days pass you by!!! Stop making everyone else a priority and not yourself!!! Stop having regrets and make it happen!! Stop blaming others when it’s you holding yourself back!!! Get up with the intentions of making this day your very best day!!! Do something!!!! Don’t complain if your not happy with your life if you aren’t doing anything to change it!!! Every day we wake up it is a privilege don’t waste it just sitting there. Do something that will light your soul on fire!! Then continue doing the things that make you feel good!! I know from my experience I was tired of feeling I was existing just to exist and I made changes and I continue to do so every day! I am grateful that everyday for all the changes I made in my life to make me feel good!! I’ve changed my mindset and now feel I exist for a reason. To share my everyday struggles and strengths to inspire and to push others to wake up and motivate them because you also exist for a reason! Find your reason and make it happen!!! Never give up!!! #goshorty2020 #whateverittakes #nevergiveup #makeithappen #findyourreason #dream #goals #positivevibes #mindset #change #feelgood #determination #motivation #inspiration #teambeachbody #myweightlossjourney #muscle #happyplace #loveyourself #inspire #myjourney #fitfam #fitness #fuelyourbody #goodmorning #wakeup #live #riseup #priorities #comealive 

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