Still Going

Love yourself first

49/365 – I woke up this morning with the mindset of determination. Yes, Saturday I ended my 47 streak of not drinking alcohol but I’m fine with that. I proved to myself I can do whatever I set my mind to. During that time I felt the best I have in years. I will have drinks here and there but I don’t need it to have a good time.  I’m loving my journey cause everyday I learn more and more about myself. I’m totally in love doing @liift4 . It has been a big game changer for me mentally & physically. I am stronger and I feel amazing!!!! I’m sticking with Liift4. I’m loving all the Hybrid Calendars too. I do have to admit I’m bummed I physically can’t do @transform_20 I’ve tried many times and not risking injuring myself! But with that said I’m not giving up! I am working on making it work with my body. I’m challenging myself to come up with what works with MY body. I will share with y’all so I’m a work in progress….. I will continue my Liift4 and work on making Transform20 work for me……. and I WILL! #goshorty2020 ##nevergiveup #whateverittakes #makeithappen #teambeachbody #goodmorning #positivevibes #goals #determination #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #myjourney #fitfam #fitness #journey #ownit #priorities #loveyourself #believeinyourself #makeitwork #bestrong #live #findyourself #selflove #muscle


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